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Welcome to ipaintart at WordPress.com! This blog post will serve to introduce you to a few ways you can learn about my paintings and life as an artist, read about my Painting Spotlight blogs, and find out how my works can help you create a beautiful home, office or personal space. Are you an interior decorator?  why don;t you see if some of my paintings might help you advise your clients when planning their interiors?  If you show them my works and they want a painting,contact me and let me know which one they want.  You’ll receive 20% of the sale price! Just register your business information, address where I should send the check after i receive payment for the painting.  Let your clients know that I also have MasterCard /Visa for their convenience, or you can order the work from me, pay for it and receive the 20% right away. showing your clients original fine art as  show pieces  for their home or office creates an exceptional presentation.  Knowing that you are working with a respected professional artist makes a difference.  Take a look at my website  http://www.landscapesofnewengland.com to see my original paintings.  sign up for my newsletter to learn about my art and the events where I show my work.  This could be the beginning a of a wonderful business relationship! 

oil on panel

Autumn in New Hampshire